Executive wires are highly consistent from batch to batch and offer very low fume and low spatter levels leading to excellent operator appeal.

Kobelco Familiarc DW-A55ESR


Kobelco Familiarc DW-A55ESR is a 70 ksi class rutile flux cored wire suitable for post weld heat treatment (PWHT) without adverse degradation of mechanical properties while retaining acceptable mechanical properties. Excellent impact toughness value down to -50F in the As-Welded condition and typical PWHT condition. Kobelco DW-A55ESR is designed to be used with 75-80% Ar- bal CO2 shielding gas. It has a wide welding parameter range which makes this product very versatile for all position welding. The optimized chemical design of the weld metal provides superior mechanical properties suitable for the most demanding industry specifications.


For over twenty years Exocor has been a respected name in the industry as a reliable source of filler metals. 
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