Exocor has amassed a library of technical papers and research results, submitted by welding engineers, quality control managers, and filler metal manufacturers. Rarely seen by the industry at large, we're pleased to share these excellent supporting resources with you. They are designed to explain different processes and approaches to fabrication projects.

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Name Author Pages Published Description
3.5% Nickel Steel for Low Temperature Service Inco 10 Undated Welding 3.5% Nickel Steel for low temperature service
CN 22-9 PW-FD-Pipe Joint Weld Thyssen 3 Undated Brief on using Thyssen CN 22-9 PW-FD consumables for pipe joint welds
Coating Type-Is one type really better than the other Thyssen 2 Undated A brief discussion on SMAW electrode coatings
Composition and properties for P91 welding consumables Thyssen 1 Undated Critical Considerations of Composition and Properties for P91 Welding Consumables
Controlling Fume Emission Rate in Arc Welding with Flux Cored Wire Kobe 10 Mar 2005 Controlling Fume Emission Rate in Arc Welding with Flux Cored Wire
Controlling Heat Treatment of Welded P91 Various 3 Jun 2006 The importance of controlled heat treating on welded P91 alloys, and the use of hardness testing to control PWHT.
Copper Wires General Overview Wisconsin Wire Works 7 Undated General overview of copper wires and their weldability.
Copper-Nickel Fabrication NiDI and CDA 28 Jun 1999 An overview of the primary copper-nickel alloys, and their use in welding and fabrication.
Corrosion Resistance of Nickel Alloys in Hydrofluoric Acid, Hydrogen Fluoride and Fluorine NiDI and Inco 37 Jun 1968 Corrosion Resistance of Nickel Alloys in Hydrofluoric Acid, Hydrogen Fluoride and Fluorine
Covered Electrodes Storage and Re-conditioning ESAB 1 Feb 2003 Storage and re-conditioning guidelines for opened containers of covered SMAW electrodes.
Critical Considerations P91 Thyssen 1 Undated A brief overview on the critical considerations of composition and properties for P91 welding consumables.
Dealing with Hydrogen-Assisted Cold Cracking.pdf Mittal Steel USA 7 Jun 2006 Focus on dealing with hydrogen assisted weld cracking problems that are most frequently encountered in welding of structures fabricated from plate steel
Diffusible Hydrogen in Cored Wires Various 8 Sep 1999 Effects of welding parameters and electrode atmospheric exposure on the diffusible hydrogen content of FCAW wires. A variety of electrodes are subjected to testing.
Duplex SS Filler Metals - Welding Guidelines Thyssen 5 Undated Procedure guidelines and filler metals for the welding of Type 2205 duplex stainless steel
Duplex Stainless Steels - Fabrication and Welding TAPPI 10 Jun 2000 General guidelines and practical aspects for welding with duplex stainless steels.
EB Investigation into the integrity of ESAB 50-lb HSC Exocor 3 Oct 2006 Investigation into the product integrity related to damaged 50-lb hermetically sealed cans manufactured by ESAB USA.
Effects of Fabrication and Composition Variables on the Properties of Chrome-Moly Weldments Various 24 Feb 1987 An overview on the toughness properties of Cr-Mo alloy weldments and their dependance on fabrication and compositionable variables.
Electroslag Strip Cladding - A Practical Guide for Welders Soudometal 32 Undated An overview on the Electroslag strip cladding process - a practical guide for welders
Chrome-moly and Low Alloy Steels - X and J embrittlement factors. Thyssen 1 Undated As a means to judge the relative temper embrittlement resistance of a material, the so called "X" and "J" factors were developed.
ER309LMo Bare Solid Wire AWS-SFA 5.9 Classification Leo J. Walsh 1 Oct 2006 An explanation on the deviation from specification of ER309LMo as it applies to usability and commercially available product.
Evaluating SMAW Electrodes for Coke Drum Construction Jorge Perdomo 4 Jun 2009 Evaluating SMAW Electrodes for Coke Drum Construction
Experience with Welding P91 and P92 Thyssen 8 Undated An overview on welding P91 and P92 Cr-Mo steels.
Fabricating Stainless Steels for the Water Industry NiDI 20 Oct 2005 Guidelines for achieving top performance when welding/fabricating stainless steels for the water industry
Fabrication techniques for successful orbital tube welding NiDI 11 Feb 1997 Fabrication techniques for successful orbital tube welding.
FAQ on welding alloy 4130 Wyatt Swaim 3 Jan 2001 Guidelines to assure good quality welds when using Cr-Mo alloy 4130.
Flux Cored Wire for Super Duplex Stainless Steel Kobe 27 Oct 2009 Technical data sheet detailing parameters, chemistry and mechanical properties when welding with product DW-2594.
Fusion Boundary Cracking in Copper-nickel Alloy Weldments NiDI 9 Apr 1991 Effects of parent material purity, weld heat-input and weld metal composition on fusion boundary cracking.
GTAW Electrode selection (Tungsten) TPJ-The Tube & Pipe Journal 3 Apr 2011 GTAW Electrode selection and preparation
GTAW welding thin gauge metal Weldcraft 3 Undated Ten frequently asked questions when TIG welding thin gauge sheet metal
Guidelines for the Storage and Rebaking of Bohler Thyssen Welding Consumables Thyssen 3 Undated General guidelines for the storage and rebaking of Bohler Thyssen welding consumables
Guidelines for the welded fabrication of nickel-stainless steels for corrosion resistant services NiDI 52 Undated Guidelines for welders, design engineers and materials engineers on the welded fabrication of nickel-stainless steels for corrosion resistant services.
Guidelines for Welding Dissimilar Metals NiDI 8 May 1991 An overview on guidelines for welding dissimilar metals
Heat Tints on Stainless Steels Can Cause Corrosion Problems Various 2 Feb 1999 Effects of the heat affected-zone (HAZ) on corrosion resistance in welded stainless steels.
High Impact type 2209 Duplex FCAW Kobelco 8 Nov 2009 Modified Kobelco DW2209 (high nitrogen type)for acheiving ~44ft lb impacts at -40 deg C.
High Performance Stainless Steels NiDI 95 Undated A detailed look at high performance stainless steel products and their uses in severe service applications.
High Temperature and High Strength Nickel Base Alloys NiDI 52 Undated A detailed listing of high temperature and high strength nickel base alloys and their properties.
Influence of Shielding Gas on Weld Quality of Duplex and Super duplex Stainless Steel World 6 Jun 2000 An overview on the effect of different shielding gases when welding duplex & super duplex stainless steels
Influence on Weld Quality of Shielding Gas on Duplex Solid Thyssen 25 Undated An overview on the effect of different shielding gases when welding duplex & super duplex stainless steels
Introduction to Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Castings Stainless Steel World 88 Undated An overview of stainless steel and nickel alloy casting grades/classifications and their properties.
Joining Magnesium Alloys Magnesium Elektron 4 Dec 1995 Options for joining magnesium alloys.
Machining Nickel Alloys NiDI 26 Undated An overview on machining of nickel alloys
Metal Properties INCO 88 Jun 1982 An overview on the properties of a variety of metals and alloys
MIG Tungsten Carbide Literature Postle Industries 15 Undated MIG tungsten carbide applications using Postalloy PS98
Practical Guide to Using 6Mo Austenitic Stainless Steel NiDI 8 Dec 1988 An overview of the primary copper-nickel alloys, and their use in welding and fabrication.
Preventing Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Chemical Plants NiDI 12 Jun 1993 An overview on stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steels in chemical plant applications.
Procedure and guidelines for welding 2205 Duplex Thyssen 5 Undated Guidelines for the welding of type 2205 duplex stainless steel (UNS 5 31803; DIN Material No. 1.4462)
Product Info. For Welding CrMoV Steel Grades Thyssen 7 Sep 1999 An overview on welding parameters for CrMo 2V & CRMo 3V steel grades
Properties and Applications of Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni-Resist Alloys Unknown 40 Undated Properties and Applications of Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni-Resist Alloys
Properties of weldments in P91 Russel Fuchs 15 Undated In this paper new types of steels and corresponding consumables are introduced,
S2CRMO + 420TTR Impact Results Acuren 1 Aug 2008 Actual impact test results for Thyssen S2CrMo wire and UV 420 TTR flux
SAW welding with Thyssen S2 Cr Mo wire and UV 420 TTR Flux Thyssen 3 Apr 1982 An overview of parameters & properties when SAW welding with Thyssen S2 Cr Mo wire and UV 420 TTR Flux
Selecting correct valve-pump depends on right match of alloy and application NiDI 6 Feb 1999 Selection guidelines for stainless steel pumps and valves to resist corrosive chloride, abrasion and acidic bleach in plant applications.
SMAW and SAW of ASTM A387, Gr 22, 2.25Cr 1Mo -Step Cooling Thyssen 26 Jul 1995 Technical analysis of welding A387, Gr.22, Cl. 2 with selected Thyssen consumables, and employing step cooling.
Stainless Steels and Specialty Alloys for Modern Pulp and Paper Mills NiDI 152 Aug 2002 A detailed look at stainless steels and specialty alloys, and their applications for modern pulp and paper mills.
Storage and rebaking of consumables Thyssen 2 Undated Guidelines for the storage and rebaking of electrodes
Suggested minimum preheat values Thyssen 1 Undated Guidelines for the suggest minimum preheat values for various base metals
Suggested PWHT temperature ranges Thyssen 1 Undated Guidelines for the suggest PWHT temperature ranges for various base metals
SUGGESTED PWHT TEMPERATURE RANGES Thyssen 1 Undated Suggested PWHT ranges chart for various alloys
Titanium Handbook TIMET 40 Undated An overview of titanium alloys and their applications
Versatility of highly-alloyed Ni-Cr-Mo welding consumables NiDI 10 Sep 1990 This article looks at the composition and properties of Ni-Cr-Mo consumables and their applications.
Weld fabrication of a 6% molybdenum alloy to avoid corrosion in bleach plant service NiDI 20 Jun 1992 A paper that addresses the formation of unmixed zones which can form during the welding of alloy 25-6Mo.
Weld Procedure for Postalloy 2829 Postle Industries 3 Jul 2006 A suggested procedure to avoid spalling when welding new tools with Postalloy 2829.
Welding 2.25 Cr 1 Mo .5 V and 3 Cr 1 Mo .25 V steel grades.pdf Dr. Claus Jochum 7 Undated Welding of new developed CrMoV-alloyed steel grades for Hydrocrackers
Welding and Cladding of Alloy 690 Thyssen 1 Undated Guidelines for the welding and cladding of Alloy 690
Welding and Strip Cladding of the new 2.25Cr and 3Cr1Mo.25V Steels Various 25 Apr 1996 An overview of welding and strip cladding of the new 2.25Cr and 3Cr1Mo.25V steels for hydro cracking reactors.
Welding Cast Iron Various 4 Jun 2005 A general overview on the welding of cast iron
Welding Chrome Moly P91 Russel Fuchs, Dr. & Herbert Heuser 8 Undated Experience with the welding of Chrome-Moly steels P91 and P92
Welding Chrome-Moly steel.pdf TPJ-The Tube & Pipe Journal 3 Sep 2010 Welding Chrome-Moly steel. Are tubular wires an option?
Welding Copper Beryllium Brush Wellman Inc. 2 Undated An overview of welding with copper beryllium.
Welding data for structural/pressure vessel steel grades. Mittal Steel USA 41 Jun 2006 Welding and other data are provided for structural and pressure plate steel grades
Welding Facts About Welding P-91 and T-91 Material ESAB 2 Undated General tips about welding with the P-91/T-91 alloy.
Welding of 3.5%, 5% and 9% Nickel Steels for Cryogenic Applications Soudometal 15 May 1994 An overview of high nickel alloyed steels, their weldability, and the consumables used to join them.
Welding of Heavy Wall CrMo Pressure Vessels with Improved Toughness Thyssen 14 Undated An overview of welding parameters used for a heavy wall CrMo pressure vessel with high toughness requirements.
Welding of Power Generation Boilers- Weld Procedure Controls Kobe 10 Apr 2004 An overview of the essential factors in procedure control when welding on power generation boiler components. A filler metal estimation formula is also provided.
Welding of Stainless Steels and Other Joining Methods NiDI and AISI 47 Jun 1988 Offers input to assist designers and engineers gain a better understanding of the welding characteristics of stainless steels.
Welding Parameters for Chrome-Moly alloys Thyssen 1 Undated Suggested parameters for a starting reference when developing welding procedures for the various chrome-moly alloys using the SAW process
Welding Parameters for Chrome-Moly Alloys Thyssen 1 Undated Suggested welding parameters for Chrome-Moly alloys using the SAW process.
Optimize your robotic process with a new welding consumable Peter Cortina 3 Dec 2007 When manufacturers choose to invest extra money to upgrade their operations to a robotic system, they may also wish to consider upgrading their welding consumable. A large percentage of robotic applications in the automotive, manufacturing and heavy-fabrication industries may be converted to the metalcored process and yield significant throughput gains.
5 Tips for Improving GTAW Efficiency - Welding Tech Cell - CIM Industry_Redacted.pdf CIM 2 May 2012 5 Tips for improving GTAW efficiency: Achieving the best weld results takes training, practice, and know-how.
Aluminum Filler Metal Characteristics- Making a selection Galen White 3 Sep 2014 Challenging material needs the right filler for effective welds. With many aluminum filler metals in the marketplace, some considerations must be taken to ensure success.