Name Classification Description Data
Jet Kote JK112 Stelcar® Jet Kote® JK112 outperforms hard chrome plating in most wear situations, and is often used as a hard chrome substitute. It is especially recommended for applications where a fine coating surface finish is a major requirement. Jet Kote JK112  Data Sheet Jet Kote JK112  MSDS
Jet Kote JK120 The chromium in the matrix of Stelcar® Jet Kote® JK120 provides excellent corrosion resistance and perform particularly well in wet and dry sour gas (hydrogen sulfide) environments. Jet Kote JK120  Data Sheet Jet Kote JK120  MSDS
Jet Kote JK135 Stelcar® Jet Kote® JK135 is used for the hardfacing of nuclear plant power check and flow control valve seats and seals, and in the aerospace industry on engine stage seal areas, fuel nozzles, compressor and turbine blades for high temperature oxidation, fretting wear and erosion resistance. Jet Kote JK135  Data Sheet Jet Kote JK135  MSDS