Name Classification Description Data
Cobalt 1 ECoCr-C The alloy has a higher carbide content (19%) than those made using either Cobalt 6 or Cobalt 12 electrodes. The composition is such that primary hypereutectic carbides are found in the microstructure. This characteristic gives the alloy higher wear resistance, accompanied by reductions in the impact and corrosion resistance. The higher hardness also means a greater tendancy to stress crack during cooling. This cracking tendancy may be minimized by closely monitoring preheating, Interpass temperature and post heating techniques. While the CoCr deposits soften somewhat at elevated temperatures, they normally are considered immune to tempering. Used to build up mixer rotors and items that encounter severe abrasion and low impact. Cobalt 1  Data Sheet Cobalt 1  MSDS
Cobalt 12 ECoCr-B Similar in composition to Cobalt 6 deposits except for a slightly higher carbide content (approx. 16%). The alloy also has a slightly higher hardness coupled with better abrasive and metal-to-metal wear resistance. impact and corrosion resistance are lowered slightly. Deposits can be machined with carbide tools. Cobalt 12  Data Sheet Cobalt 12  MSDS
Cobalt 21 ECoCr-E Welds have very good strength and ductility at temperatures up to 1600°F (871°C). Deposits are resistant to thermal shock, and oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. The deposit is a solid-solution-strengthened alloy with a relatively low weight-percent carbide phase in the microstructure. Hence, the alloy is very tough and will work harden. Deposits possess excellent self-mated galling resistance and also are very resistant to cavitation erosion. Typical applications include guide rolls, hot extrusion and forging dies, hot shear blades, tong bits, and valve trim. Cobalt 21  Data Sheet Cobalt 21  MSDS
Cobalt 6 ECoCr-A Recommended for cases where wear is accompanied by elevated temperatures up to a maximum of 1200°F (650°C) and where corrosion is involved, or both. Typical applications include automotive and fluid flow valves, chain saw guides, hot punches, shear blades, extruder screws, etc. Cobalt 6  Data Sheet Cobalt 6  MSDS