Name Classification Description Data
Kobelco DW-50 E71T-1C,M/-9C,9M Fast freezing slag formula provides excellent weldability not only in horizontal but in vertical and overhead welding. Can be used with 100%C02 or 75%Ar-25%C02 shielding gas. It has a wide welding parameter range which makes the DW-50 very versatile. Its low fume emission formula creates a clean welding environment at any welding condition. Non-baked wire surface covered with special lubricant creates smooth wire feedabilty and extended liner life. Kobelco DW-50 Data Sheet Kobelco DW-50 MSDS
Kobelco DWA-55ESR E71T-12MJ Meets AWS 5.20 E71T12MJ Code. The “J” designator guarantees an impact value of > 20ft/lbs at -40°F. Exceeds this minimum even after stress relieving. Produces weld metal with less than 0.5% Ni. This low Ni composition allows this wire to conform to the A-1 composition in QW-440, section IX in the ASME standard. All position welding can be achieved with excellent flat bead appearance, negligible spatter, and easy slag removal. Used in welding tank and pressure vessels where stress relieving is necessary. This wire is especially useful in welding nozzle necks of carbon steel pressure vessels and where low temperature service is required. Kobelco DWA-55ESR Data Sheet Kobelco DWA-55ESR MSDS
Kobelco 711 E71T-1C, 1M/-12C,12M Welding of all position can be done with the same welding current setting. Less spatter and good slag removabilty shorten the time of bead grinding operation. Diffusible hydrogen content is as low as that of low hydrogen type electrode and crack and blowhole resistibility is excellent. Fume generation is lower than conventional flux-core wire. Non-baked wire surface covered with special lubricant creates smooth wire feedability and extended liner life. Applications include position welding for ship hulls, bridges, chemical plant machinery, vehicles and other metal fabrication. Kobelco 711 Data Sheet Kobelco 711 MSDS
Kobelco MXA70C-6LF E70C-6MH4 Has lower fume and spatter generation than conventional metal cored wire. Its cored metal powder has higher deposition rates than solid or even flux cored wire. Kobelco MXA70C-6LF Data Sheet Kobelco MXA70C-6LF MSDS